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Behavioral & Medical Concepts of Hypnotherapy [Level 4]




30 hours


About the Course

Course Overview:

As the pinnacle of your hypnotherapy journey, Level 4 - Behavioral and Medical Concepts of Hypnotherapy, marks the culmination of our comprehensive certification program. Designed for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners who have successfully completed Levels 1-3, this advanced three-day course delves into the intricate realms of behavioral and medical applications, solidifying your expertise in the field.

Course Content:

1. Freud's Model of Mind - Id, Ego & Super Ego:

- Deepen your understanding of Freud's Model of Mind, exploring the dynamics of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego.

2. Defense Mechanisms - Common Characteristics:

- Uncover the common characteristics of defense mechanisms, gaining insights into their role in psychological well-being.

3. Understanding Family System Approach:

- Delve into the family system approach, comprehending its impact on individual behavior and relationships.

4. How Sexuality is Developed:

- Explore the development of sexuality, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its psychological aspects.

5. Sexual Dysfunction:

- Address sexual dysfunction through hypnotherapy, applying advanced therapeutic strategies.

6. Relationship Counseling:

- Acquire advanced skills in relationship counseling, fostering healthy and constructive interpersonal dynamics.

7. Crisis Intervention:

- Learn advanced crisis intervention techniques, empowering you to support individuals in times of acute distress.

8. Private Violence:

- Address the sensitive issue of private violence, offering therapeutic interventions for healing.

9. Child Hypnosis:

- Master the nuances of child hypnosis, tailoring therapeutic approaches for younger clients.

10. Medical Model of Hypnosis:

- Understand the medical model of hypnosis, integrating hypnotherapy into traditional medical practices.

11. Pain Management:

- Explore advanced pain management techniques, offering relief through hypnotic interventions.

12. Dealing with Different Types of Eating Disorders & Weight Control:

- Address various eating disorders and weight control issues, applying tailored hypnotherapeutic solutions.

13. Problem of Low Blood Sugar:

- Understand and manage the problem of low blood sugar through targeted hypnotherapy.

14. Substance Abuse - Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs:

- Tackle substance abuse issues, including smoking, alcohol, and drug dependencies, using hypnotherapy as a supportive tool.

15. Habit Control - Nail Biting, Tardiness & Substance Abuse:

- Develop effective habit control strategies for issues such as nail-biting, tardiness, and substance abuse.

16. Counseling & Interviewing Techniques:

- Enhance your counseling and interviewing techniques, refining your ability to connect with and understand clients.

17. First Consultation:

- Master the art of conducting a successful first consultation, setting the foundation for a therapeutic relationship.

18. Advertisement and Promotion of Hypnotherapy Practice:

- Learn effective strategies for promoting and advertising your hypnotherapy practice, reaching a wider audience.


Upon successful completion, receive the Certificate in Behavioral and Medical Concepts of Hypnotherapy, solidifying your mastery of advanced behavioral and medical applications. This advanced level is the pinnacle of your journey, marking your completion of the Certificate Course in Clinical Hypnosis and achieving the esteemed status of a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner. Congratulations on reaching the highest echelon of hypnotherapy expertise!

Your Instructor

Bhavya Aggarwal

Bhavya Aggarwal

Meet Bhavya Aggarwal, a seasoned professional in the realms of psychology, hypnotherapy, and holistic wellness. With a Magister in Psychology and a wealth of certifications, Bhavya brings a unique blend of academic rigor and alternative healing practices to his role.


Magister in Psychology: Bhavya's academic journey includes an in-depth exploration of the human mind, providing him with a solid foundation in psychological theories and practices.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist: Bhavya is a certified expert in clinical hypnotherapy, leveraging the power of the subconscious mind to facilitate positive change and healing in individuals.

Past Life Regression Therapist: His expertise extends to past life regression therapy, a modality that delves into the depths of one's consciousness to explore and resolve issues rooted in previous lifetimes.

Tarot Card Reader: Beyond traditional psychological approaches, Bhavya is skilled in the mystical arts of Tarot, offering intuitive insights and guidance through the ancient symbolism of the cards.

Certified Trainer for Clinical Hypnosis: Recognizing the importance of passing on his knowledge, Bhavya is a certified trainer for clinical hypnosis, dedicated to educating and empowering others in the field.

Professional Role:
Currently serving as the Director of the California Hypnosis Institute in Noida, Bhavya spearheads an institute that combines traditional therapeutic techniques with cutting-edge approaches. His leadership is marked by a commitment to fostering a holistic approach to mental well-being.

Bhavya Aggarwal's passion for understanding the intricacies of the mind and his diverse skill set makes him a sought-after instructor and practitioner in the field of psychology and holistic wellness.

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