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[S1E18] Making Her Honest

Later, Scootaloo stands in front of Golden Oak Library and adds it to a hoof-drawn map of Ponyville. After a high-speed run on her scooter she returns to the clubhouse, which Apple Bloom has completely repaired. Meanwhile, Sweetie Belle is dusting and making up a theme song for the group.

[S1E18] Making Her Honest


Twilight Sparkle and the girls' teacher, Cheerilee, walk into the library and see the Crusaders among a huge pile of fallen books. Twilight asks what's going on, to which Apple Bloom replies, "Well, we sure aren't gettin' our cutie marks for bein' librarians." Twilight tells them that they're trying to get their cutie marks the wrong way, and suggests they do things in areas they already like. Cheerilee shows them a flier for a talent show that will be taking place the next day. With so many possibilities to find their talents, the fillies start to plan their show, each making bizarre or dangerous suggestions. Twilight again urges them to do something they're already good at. The girls say they can do that, then go around town collecting and borrowing random items.

Lyra expresses her excitement about leading a group as the flabbergasted party watches. Mertin notes that she is "useful" to the guild and she mentions that this is her first time leading a group of hunters. Scanlan asks Lyra about her place in the guild, and she admits that she joined "on a technicality". She is from Vasselheim and has studied the arcane arts. She adds that she had never heard of Vox Machina before, and mentions her "boyfriend" Aldor. Scanlan notes that they met him previously when they killed the hydra. They tell Lyra their honest thoughts about Aldor, and Lyra mentions how "large" he is and that she's "seen it". When Grog asks what her weapon of choice is, she pulls out her ashen wand.[9]

"Yeah, he has a root canal. But let's be honest, I'm better at this than he is anyway," she quipped, remaining completely in character. "First, I have two announcements, then I will take questions. First, the president is still working on his jokes for the White House Correspondents' Dinner. I don't have any details on that other than he intends to be funny. Very funny."

[Open: Closeup of a head being shaved. Cut to steadycam shot through hallways of McKinley High School, with all students staring strangely and making faces at the camera. One kid touches his head as the camera passes. Camera continues into the choir room where the Glee kids also stare before the camera swings around to reveal a mohawk-less Puck.]

However, it is later revealed that Shigure is actually using Tohru to break the Sohma curse, which Tohru is oblivious to as she continues to trust him completely and treats him with kindness. Despite this, while he once only considered her a pawn in his plans, her kindness eventually truly endears to him, and he comes to genuinely care for Tohru, to where he is disgusted for still using her in his plans and manipulations and states his guilt reaches sickening levels whenever Tohru treats him so kindly. Tohru's influence also changes Shigure and restores the conscience and heart Shigure had buried deep in him, as Shigure himself admits, to where he starts to uncharacteristically show genuine compassion for others and sincere regret over his previous unfeeling character, to where he even states Tohru could have changed him and made him a better person had he met her sooner. Ultimately, Shigure decides to stop deceiving and manipulating her and coldly but honestly tells Tohru that while they both share the same goal of breaking the curse, it's still quite possible for Kyo to be locked away before it breaks and even goes as far as to menacingly claim that he and the others look down on Kyo and consent to his imprisonment, finally revealing his true character, clearly to harshly but well-intentionally make her realize that she loves Kyo and she should spend what happiness she can have with him in the case Kyo has to be imprisoned. While she never realizes the extent of Shigure's manipulations, Shigure's cold and bluntness in telling her the harsh truth clearly leaves Tohru emotionally hurt, as the man that she trusted the most just straight-up forced her to confront reality, leading to her physically shoving him away and running in tears. However, after the curse is broken and both of them have reached their respective goals, it is implied that any bad blood between the two has waned away, and Tohru and Shigure stay good friends.

Even though Kagura initially views Tohru as her as a love rival for Kyo's affections, Tohru has always treated Kagura with kindness and is curious about her considering she is a female Zodiac. Tohru also admires Kagura for being so honest and expressive with her feelings of love. The girls later bond over helping each other out, cooking, cleaning, and shopping, and eventually develop a strong friendship. Tohru views Kagura as a close friend and genuinely enjoys her company, as they are similar in some aspects. However, when Kagura overhears Tohru confessing to Rin that Kyo is her most special person, she grows frustrated with her for not telling it to Kyo personally and thus slaps her for it, which knocks Tohru out. Despite this, both of them mention that they wouldn't apologize to the other since they understand each other, which shows that Tohru respects Kagura, and it is also thanks to her that Tohru realizes that she can't run away from her feelings anymore.

It seems like every time I read something about this show from book readers, I discover that yet another plot point that I found inexplicable and poorly grounded in character - Rhaenyra trying to sleep with Daemon and then actually sleeping with Criston Cole without apparently stopping to consider the potential impact to her reputation or the fact that this is how babies are made; Laenor abandoning his just-bereaved parents and children in the cruelest way possible for a life as an anonymous soldier of fortune - is an elaboration the show is making on the source material. This does little to sway me from my conclusion that the writing on this show is just not up to snuff.

"There were some things I missed out on in some ways. My friends left for university and I was ready to do that, but I went into making a debut album. I knew with my heart it was what I wanted to do. It felt like a calling or a deeper purpose. But that idea of journeying with friends and going to university and having this tight group going through all these experiences together, it wasn't really something I had. I made new friends but a lot of them were a lot older than me and we got into music together, but I didn't have that same sisterhood feeling of, 'Yep, we went through college together.' But in saying that, you come to different maturities at different times of your life. I have that now in a really profound way. A really strong sense of female friends and male friends that I've made and shared so much with."

Sticks' training begins, and Amy starts teaching her about making proper compliments, but her response to that is by sniffing Amy for any perfume while giving a blunt response. Sticks then begins training with Sonic in being escorted, but Sticks starts picking a fight with a figurative guest during practice; Amy responds by saying a lady does not fight. Moving on, Amy tries to teach to Sticks to drink while lifting her pinkie, but while Sticks get the pinkie part right, she laps the tea with her tongue like a dog. She and Sonic then practice dancing with their friends' assistance in Sonic's Shack, but Sticks lets her paranoia over the music get the better of her and she messes up and falls down, taking Sonic down with her. Tired and annoyed, Sonic declares her ready.

At the evening of the gala, Team Sonic arrives at the mansion, dressed up for the event, where Sticks makes a decent arrival with Sonic. Amy urges her to try and mingle with the other guests, but Sticks still has trouble containing her primal behavior, much to Amy's annoyance. As Sonic and Knuckles check out the food with limited interest, Knuckles makes friends with Admiral Beaverton and Professor Cluckins, who are impressed with his honesty over the food. Meanwhile, Sticks tries her best being formal, but with limited success, when Mayor Fink welcomes all and announces the Awardy Awards will begin soon.

Scratch finds Molly and tells her that their house is almost being sold and the McGees prepare to move back in with grandma Nin. This results in Scratch pleading with Candace to hold off the sale. While she cannot stop, she allows the McGees one final goodbye to the house. However, the entire town of Brighton reveals that they have pitched in to buy the house for the McGees, thanks to Andrea who used her influence to help raise the money for it (while also considering Molly her best friend). The McGees return to their home where Molly wonders if the curse between her and Scratch is broken as they technically left the house, but Scratch feigns that they are still linked, making her happy.

In the Kyoroch palace, Esdeath and the Jaegers are sent by Prime Minister Honest to help protect Bolic from Night Raid. Bolic then introduces the Four Rakshasa Demons, his four personal bodyguards from the Capital, to the Jaegers. Seryu doubts their capabilities, noting that they do not have Teigu, but Ibara suddenly appears behind her, reassuring they can fight on par with Teigu users. The rest of the three Rakshasa Demons note that although Teigu are powerful, their wielders are merely human, and that they have defeated Teigu users before. As Ibara continues to brag about their abilities, Esdeath holds an ice spear to his neck, berating him for underestimating Night Raid. She then notes that Bolic has gathered not only his personal guards, but also the Jaegers to defend him, making her conclude him being extremely cautious.

In the present, Kurome, now extremely exhausted, locks herself in a bedroom provided by Bolic, but is followed by Wave. He tells her that she cannot fight in her current condition, and begins to report it to Esdeath, but Kurome comes out. She states that weakened soldiers like her are of no use, and are disposed of. Refusing such a fate, she states that if she were to die, she would die fighting. She then gets up, seemingly fine, and apologizes to Wave for making him worry. 041b061a72


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