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Fall Again Tarot Spread

Fall Again Tarot Spread


This is a nine card tarot spread that addresses whether the querent will ever fall in love again?


  1. Will the querent ever find love again?
  2. Does the querent already know this person?
  3. If the answer is "yes" then this card represents where the querent knows the person from? If "no" then when/where/how will the querent meet this person?
  4. If #2 is "yes" then go #5. If "no", then will the attraction be instant or a slow-burning realization?
  5. Are there issues that are delaying a meeting/relationship with this person?
  6. What will this person be like physically?
  7. What will this person be like emotionally?
  8. What will this person be like sexually?
  9. The potential of the relaationship.
  • How this work?

    Upon successful placement of an order, we will send you the complete interpretation with cards photo in Audio/Video format on your registered email address/whatsapp number.

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