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Tarot Training Workshop




24 hours


About the Course

Course Title: Certificate Tarot Card Reading Workshop

Unlock the ancient art of Tarot card reading in our intensive and engaging 2-day workshop. Designed for both beginners and enthusiasts, this workshop is your gateway to understanding the mystical symbolism of Tarot cards and mastering the skills needed to provide insightful readings.

Course Duration: 2 Days

Certification: Certificate in Tarot Card Reading

Course Content:

1. Introduction to Tarot:

- Explore the rich history and origins of Tarot cards, understanding their significance in divination.

2. Structure of the Tarot Deck:

- Familiarize yourself with the 78 cards in a standard Tarot deck, including the Major and Minor Arcana.

3. Tarot Card Meanings:

- Dive into the meanings of each card, deciphering their symbolic messages.

4. The Fool's Journey:

- Follow the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana, unraveling the narrative of personal growth and transformation.

5. Basic Spreads:

- Learn essential Tarot spreads such as the Celtic Cross, providing a foundation for comprehensive readings.

6. Intuitive Reading Techniques:

- Develop your intuition as a Tarot reader, enhancing your ability to connect with the cards on a deeper level.

7. Client Interaction and Ethics:

- Explore ethical considerations and best practices when interacting with clients, fostering a responsible and respectful reading environment.

8. Practical Reading Sessions:

- Engage in hands-on practice sessions, where you'll apply your newfound knowledge in real-life scenarios.

9. Creating Your Tarot Practice:

- Receive guidance on setting up and promoting your Tarot card reading practice, whether for personal growth or professional pursuits.


Upon successful completion of the workshop, you'll receive a Certificate in Tarot Card Reading, recognizing your proficiency in the art of divination.

This 2-day workshop is not just about learning the cards; it's an immersive experience that empowers you to tap into your intuition, connect with the energies of the Tarot, and provide meaningful insights to those seeking guidance. Join us for a transformative journey into the world of Tarot card reading! Enroll now and unlock the secrets of the cards.

Your Instructor

Bhavya Aggarwal

Bhavya Aggarwal

Meet Bhavya Aggarwal, a seasoned professional in the realms of psychology, hypnotherapy, and holistic wellness. With a Magister in Psychology and a wealth of certifications, Bhavya brings a unique blend of academic rigor and alternative healing practices to his role.


Magister in Psychology: Bhavya's academic journey includes an in-depth exploration of the human mind, providing him with a solid foundation in psychological theories and practices.

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist: Bhavya is a certified expert in clinical hypnotherapy, leveraging the power of the subconscious mind to facilitate positive change and healing in individuals.

Past Life Regression Therapist: His expertise extends to past life regression therapy, a modality that delves into the depths of one's consciousness to explore and resolve issues rooted in previous lifetimes.

Tarot Card Reader: Beyond traditional psychological approaches, Bhavya is skilled in the mystical arts of Tarot, offering intuitive insights and guidance through the ancient symbolism of the cards.

Certified Trainer for Clinical Hypnosis: Recognizing the importance of passing on his knowledge, Bhavya is a certified trainer for clinical hypnosis, dedicated to educating and empowering others in the field.

Professional Role:
Currently serving as the Director of the California Hypnosis Institute in Noida, Bhavya spearheads an institute that combines traditional therapeutic techniques with cutting-edge approaches. His leadership is marked by a commitment to fostering a holistic approach to mental well-being.

Bhavya Aggarwal's passion for understanding the intricacies of the mind and his diverse skill set makes him a sought-after instructor and practitioner in the field of psychology and holistic wellness.

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