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What is Hypnosis?

A scientific, easy and fast modality to change limiting beliefs and achieve physical, psychological and spiritual well being

When one hears the word Hypnosis or Hypnotism, one start imagining mysterious figure holding
a pendulum, snaps his finger and take the subject into a vulnerable state (Trance), where the subject is compelled to obey every command said by the hypnotist. This popularized perception formed by Movies, Comics and Social Media destroyed the true meaning and usage of Hypnosis, and set a fear among people. Whereas in reality subjects into a hypnotic trance have absolute free will.

Clinical Hypnotherapy: Services

Hypnosis is that state of consciousness which act as a bridge between conscious mind and subconscious mind; between known and suppressed. This state is created by an overload of message units, disorganizing one’s critical mind which leads to extreme suggestibility, deep relaxation and heightened imagination.


Need of Clinical Hypnotherapy

  • In 2001 British Psychological Society commissioned a group of expert psychologists and published a report that declared and proved hypnosis as a therapeutic medium and valid for study.

  • 75-98% of one’s physical and mental illness originate from thoughts.

  • Hypnotherapy goes deep down to the root cause of the problem at the time the problem originated and provide healing there and then which automatically change here and now of a client. It can be used to treat many physical, psychological and energy related issues.

  • A comparison study reported in 2007 by American Health Magazine indicates some psychological issues benefit more from hypnotherapy than psychoanalysis and behavioural therapy.

  • A German university meta-analysis of 444 studies supported this claim, concluding a 64 percent
    success rate with hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

Why Clinical Hypnotherapy at California Hypnosis Institute - Noida
  • Access the subconscious mind and use the information for healing.

    2 hr

    3,000 Indian rupees
  • Talk therapy

    1 hr 30 min

    2,250 Indian rupees

Become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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