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Hypnotherapy is the classic and parent therapy module, covered in 4 levels. If you have innate desire to heal others,
enroll now and become a certified clinical hypnotherapy practitioner.

Introduction to clinical hypnosis

Level 1


Introduction & Brief History of Hypnotherapy

History and Development of the Human Mind

The Theory of Mind

How to create the Hypnotic State

The Theory of Suggestibility

The Laws of Suggestibility

How to Conduct a Hypnotherapy Session

Progressive Relaxation Deepening

Techniques Wording of Effective

Suggestions Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis

Awakening Techniques

Self Hypnosis

CERTIFICATION: Certificate in Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy

PREREQUISITE: Innate desire to heal others or desire to understand the functioning of human mind

Advance Hypnotic Techniques and Modalities

Level 2


Hypnotic Modalities

Basics of Ericksonian and Kappasinian Hypnosis

Transcript of Life Therapy

Dream Therapy and Interpretation 

The Stages of Development

Handwriting Analysis

Fear, Phobia & Anxiety Management

Emotional Empowerment Technique (EET)

Pain Management

Hypno-Diagnostic Tools


Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

CERTIFICATION: Certificate in Advance Hypnotic Technique & Modalities

PREREQUISITE: Certification in Level I

Hypnotic Regression Therapy & Foreign Energy Dynamics

Level 3


Journey of Life

Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Journey of Soul Basics

Concepts in Regression Therapy 

History & Current Relevance Hypnotic Regression

Age & Past Life Regression 

Brief history of Past Life Therapy

General applications of Past Life Therapy & Why it Works

Determining the need for Past Life Therapy

Interviewing the client to pinpoint issues

The Process and correct sequence for Past Life Therapy

How to regress difficult but willing clients

Addressing Present Life Triggers & Patterns

Finding multiple-life connections for patterns & related issues

Major safeguards for Past Life Therapy

Reframing critical past life memories

Addressing the various forms of Spirit

Attachments Recognizing the presence of Spirits, their type and number

Procedure for Spirit Release

Helping the Spirit go into the "Light"

Safeguards for/before Spirit Release & Spirit Attachment

Utilizing the benefit of the Death experience

Breaking the bonds of time

How to Release Vows, Oaths & Curses

Methods of Releasing Entities from the Environment

Guidelines for Etheric Abortion

Understanding & Using the concepts of Parallel Reality for Healing

Higher Self Therapy

Advising the client on the healing process & Proper Follow-up

CERTIFICATION: Certificate in Hypnotic Regression Therapy & Foreign Energy Dynamics

PREREQUISITE: Certification in Level I & II

Behavioral & Medical Concepts of Hypnotherapy

Level 4


Freud's Model of Mind - Id, Ego & Super Ego

Defense Mechanism - Common Characteristics

Understanding Family System Approach

How Sexuality is Developed

Sexual Dysfunction

Relationship Counseling

Crisis Intervention

Private Violence

Child Hypnosis

Medical Model of Hypnosis

Pain Management

Dealing with Different types of Eating Disorder & Weight Control

Problem of low Blood Sugar

Substance Abuse - Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs

Habit Control - Nail Biting, Tardiness & Substance Abuse

Counseling & Interviewing Techniques

First Consultation

Advertisement and Promotion of Hypnotherapy Practice

CERTIFICATION: Certificate in Behavioral & Medical Concepts of Hypnotherapy

PREREQUISITE: Certification in Level I, II & III


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