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Consciousness creates Reality!

We all have heard, “We become what we think” or “We are our thoughts” and few such lines from time to time. One’s thoughts always relate to the belief system one adopts. Therefore, to change the consciousness one has to change the belief system. If one can change the belief system it will actually change the person’s world in and around.

Let’s first understand this phenomenon scientifically. Our brain has a fascinating mechanism and science now confirms, we structure our neurons via our thoughts. We are literally wiring our brain depending upon our belief system and perception. If we think negative, our neurons related to pain and misery conjoin together and form themselves into a pattern of negative thoughts. Any experience we have which is attached to a negative belief system, sends an electrical message to our hypothalamus (the chemical manufacturing centre of our brain), which recognises this message as a ’suffering thought’. The hypothalamus then manufactures the corresponding chemicals known as peptide which are then released in our body. Let’s call these chemicals, the suffering Peptides. When these suffering peptides are released within our body, we experience painful feelings. Our cell experiences the chemical and we feel pain.

Our cells can literally get addicted to these peptides if received in abundance. Our cells don’t work on preferences, they have no choice to what they can get addicted to. Our cells once addicted would call out for peptides they are hooked to. This is why we sometimes we feel down without realising the actual reason behind it. Painful thoughts fire off our negative neurons and this never-ending vicious circle keeps on continuing! However, the cycle doesn’t stop here, each time a cell divides, it forms more and more receptors, which are developed for a particular peptide. If, you have been suffering for some time now, every time your cells reproduce, they are geared to receive more of the suffering peptides. And before you even know it, you would be spiraling down into depression and would feel terrible mentally, emotionally and physically.

Science now demonstrates the positive thinking. Changing the perception will strongly unwire negative neurons and call them to reform as positive clumps, resulting in positive thoughts. These positive thoughts create peptides that emit positive chemicals which send wonderful feelings and emotions to the body. More loving and uplifting thoughts we have, more neurons conjoin with these clumps. The more our consciousness is released as positively, the more positive results would attract our lives. Our cells can then get hooked onto positivity. Chances are we might all of sudden wake up one morning feeling great, not really knowing why. We’ll be thinking of how incredibly thankful we are for our life and then this cycle continues.

The way our brain functions is literally creating our reality. This truly comes back to the spiritual understanding that all the true masters have been teaching for centuries, “The Power is in you. It is physically in brain, and you create your own reality”.

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