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You are the creator of your life.

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

As long as the existence of human can be found, one thing is very common to the human and that is the curiosity to understand creation. What is all the stuff around? Who created all this? To understand creator one must understand creation, because that’s much easier to look upon. Creation can be observed at two levels-

MACRO LEVEL: (Solar System, Galaxies and Universe) In 1907 Albert Einstein gave Theory of Relativity, to understand the mechanism of gravity, which was later tested on Astronomical Creation and found satisfactory. We are taking the example of gravity because it is most visible nonphysical matter, as its effect can be experienced. But the theory of relativity does not apply on other forces like electromagnetic forces, nuclear forces etc.

MICRO LEVEL: (Atom, Nucleus< Electron, Quaks, Fermions and Bosons) As the word suggests we have to go deep into micro level to the nature of matter and particle. Let’s go scientifically and understand STANDARD MODEL OF PARTICLE.

Long back a table was made on the basis of atomic weight on each element, known as The Periodic Table (1860) At that time the Atom was considered the most basic particle of any matter according to Dalton’s atomic theory.

Then came subatomic particles Electron (-ve charged particles) & Nucleus (1897) The Nucleus was further divided into Proton (+ve charged particles) & Neutron (no charge particle) (Early 1930s) That was not the end, it was further discovered that Proton and Neutron are both composed of other particles like quarks, leptons and gluons (1960)

Now these Fundamental Particles are grouped together based on their properties. All these particles can be categorized as Fermions and Bosons.

Fermions is all the matter, be it a tree, a cell, an atom or a planet. Bosons are all the forces that cannot be seen but do exist like magnetism, electricity, gravity etc.

There, the conventional ideas stopped. Here’s the new idea of strings.


Deep inside any of these particles there is some filament of energy which looks like a vibrating string. These energy strings vibrate in different patterns which lead to different particles, different forces and different sort of matter around. These strings lead to the richness of life all around. Thus known as Unified Theory aka Theory of Everything.

Everything in the universe exists at same the note, i.e, they have commonality of pure identical energy. This energy is known as Consciousness or God. Everything in the universe is made up of the same element. Like the saying goes, “God exist everywhere and cannot be created or destroyed”. Energy that exists in the form of a string, each has its own intelligence, not measurable. In essence every human experiences a reality of being the center of his/her universe. Since, everything is ocean of energy, visible or invisible, everything is connected, whatever one thinks and believes, not only govern the behavior but also creates the world one experiences.

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