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Ongoing Relationship Tarot Spread

Ongoing Relationship Tarot Spread


This ten card tarot spread examines the past, present and future of an ongoing relationship.


  1. Past history of the relationship.
  2. Querent's past experience in the relationship.
  3. Querent partner's past experience in the relationship.
  4. Querent's current experience in the relationship.
  5. Querent partner's present experience in the relationship.
  6. The relationship at present.
  7. What the querent may experience in future in this relationship?
  8. What the querent's partner may experience in future in this relationship?
  9. Where the relationship is headed?
  10. Outcome / Insight.
  • How this work?

    Upon successful placement of an order, we will send you the complete interpretation with cards photo in Audio/Video format on your registered email address/whatsapp number.

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