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"Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress or struggling to break free from limiting beliefs? Do you find yourself held back by fear or lacking the confidence to pursue your dreams?

8th June 2024

12 - 3 PM

Online Webinar

Hindi & English

Ever Wondered?

Who are we?

Why do we do, whatever we do?

Why motivation, affirmations and positive thinking does not work?

How to actually help ourselves and others to change limiting beliefs, raise our bar and take life to the next level?

Capture the Beauty

Ancient forms of Self Hypnosis mentioned in scriptures | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida





From the ancient scriptures like Atharvaveda and Bhagwad Puran, many sages and yogis used to practice this technique during meditation to achieve mental stillness and profound states of consciousness. This technique along with spiritual wisdom of Indian culture intertwined to facilitate healing, enlightenment and spiritual growth. This technique used to be known as Pran Vidya and Trikaal Vidya and today commonly practiced as 

Hypnosis / सम्मोहन

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California Hypnosis Institute - Noida


Did you know that some of the world's most successful and influential figures have used self-hypnosis to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential? Take a moment to consider:

but, What is Hypnosis?Why do you need to learn this?How it can be beneficial to you?

Hypnosis is a fascinating state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility, deep relaxation, and heightened focus. In this unique state, the mind becomes exceptionally receptive to positive suggestions, allowing for profound changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.


Ways to createHypnotic State

Self Hypnosis | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida

Hetro Hypnosis

Here the hypnotic state is induced by various external sources, such as a trained therapist, healer, or even a pre-recorded audio tape.

Self Hypnosis | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida
Self Hypnosis | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida

Self Hypnosis

Here individuals learn to induce the hypnotic state on their own through self-hypnosis techniques. 

Self Hypnosis | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida

Whether guided by a professional or self-induced, hypnosis opens pathways to the subconscious mind for positive change. In today's fast-paced world, where stress, distractions, and self-doubt abound, learning hypnosis is more important than ever. By mastering this ancient art, individuals can tap into their inner resources, cultivate resilience, and create positive change in every area of their lives. Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional success, or simply a deeper connection with yourself, hypnosis offers a pathway to unlock the limitless potential within.

Self Hypnosis | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida
Self Hypnosis | California Hypnosis Institute - Noida

I want to learn

Self Hypnosis

23rd March 2024

12 - 4 PM

What will you learn in this 4 Hours Masterclass?


Understanding the Life and Evolution of Human Beings


Theory of Human Mind - structure, types, development and functioning


Science and Initiation into Self Hypnosis 


Practical Applications of Self Hypnosis


Live Q&A


Presented by Bhavya Aggarwal,
Founder & CEO at

California Hypnosis Institute Noida

Bhavya Aggarwal is a multifaceted professional known for his expertise in psychology, hypnotherapy, and spiritual healing. With a Magister degree in Psychology and certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Tarot Card Reading and Reiki Healing, Bhavya has established himself as a prominent figure in the field. He has led numerous workshops and seminars on mind power, memory enhancement, yoga, meditation, leadership, and astrology. His impactful workshops, such as "M2: Mind and Memory Workshop," have inspired high school students to unlock their potential for success and happiness. Bhavya's proficiency in tarot readings has guided over 1 lakh individuals, while his hypnotherapy sessions have positively impacted over a thousand clients. Beyond his individual achievements, Bhavya's dedication to spreading spiritual healing worldwide has empowered countless individuals to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and personal growth.

Pre-recorded Self Hypnosis Audio

worth Rs. 1,500

Self Hypnosis Initiation Script

worth Rs. 6,000

125+ Powerful Hypnotic Suggestions

worth Rs. 5,000

Exclusive Discounts

worth Rs. 60,000


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