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Andrew James

HACK Universal XP

Some of the options I found here or elsewhere didn't work for me for a AMD SB750 chipset on an MSI GA-MA790XT-UD4P, so I used an alternative method that is somewhere in-between the fully automatic one and the manual registry hacks.

HACK Universal XP

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Every hacker knows what it is to venture down a rabbit hole. Whether it lasts an afternoon, a month, or decades, finding a new niche topic and exploring where it leads is a familiar experience for Hackaday readers.

Beware. I followed these instructions TO THE LETTER and they corrupted the operating system. I will now have to back up the system from a previous image. There are too many variables that the author does not seem to be aware of for this hack to be useful.

In my first installment in this series on professional hacking tools, we downloaded and installed Metasploit, the exploitation framework. Now, we will begin to explore the Metasploit Framework and initiate a tried and true hack.

Before we start hacking, let's familiarize ourselves with Metasploit so that when I use certain terms, we all understand them to mean the same thing. When first looking at the Metasploit Framework, it can be a bit overwhelming with the various interfaces, options, utilities, and modules. Here we'll try to make it understandable so that we can execute our first exploit.

The following terminology is not only used within the Metasploit Framework, but throughout the professional hacking and penetration testing communities. As a result, any professional in this field should be familiar with these terms and be able to clearly distinguish them.

Exploit is the means by which an attacker takes advantage of a flaw or vulnerability in a network, application, or service. The hacker uses this flaw or vulnerability in a way that the developer or engineer never intended, to achieve a desired outcome (e.g. root access). Some more common exploits that you've probably already heard of are SQL injections, buffer overflows, etc.

One of the most reliable hacks is on the ubiquitous Windows XP system with the RPC DCOM. It's a buffer overflow attack that enables the attacker to execute any code of their choice on the owned box (note Microsoft's comment under impact of vulnerability). Microsoft identifies it as MS03-026 in their database of vulnerabilities. In our case, we will use it to open a reverse shell on our target system.

Want to start making money as a white hat hacker? Jump-start your hacking career with our 2020 Premium Ethical Hacking Certification Training Bundle from the new Null Byte Shop and get over 60 hours of training from cybersecurity professionals.

If you are distant and behind different NAT devices, the simplest way to hack him is to use a client side attack, This might include hacking his browser, send a malicious Word doc, or PDF, etc. When he opens them, his machine will connect back to yours.

Hacks are very specific to operating system, service pack, services, language, ports, etc. This hack is for Windows XP. Your school appears to be running HP's Unix. It won't work. You will need a Unix hack.

Sorry I posted on the wrong article. The other article you have lists steps to find final exams using metasploit. Are the steps to hacking a Unix server completely different or is it just through a different exploit?

Yes, the steps to hacking a Unix server ARE completely different. In addition, it depends on the flavor of Unix and the version. I'd be surprised if you school is using HP-UX. Have you run any other reconnaissance scans?

You are relatively new here and without a lot of experience. I strongly recommend that you take the time learning and practicing here before you attempt hacking into public facing computers. Without skill and experience, you are likely to caught and banished to Siberia with a sentence of hard labor.

Ok thanks. So its not problem to make a virtual machine with unpatched system but this is practice, is't it? So when I want to hack computer on a real victim what i should do if the system is patched or is a Windows 7? Can you give me link or anything for reading and trainig?

I was able to DNS spoof a linux (kali) machine and I'm trying to hack it. My question is, can the shell/payload be used for every OS (or for linux as well) if I managed to deliver it to that OS somehow, or do I need a different shell?

hey there dear OVVUPYTHEWEB! im kinda new to all this but not new to computers ...any way i did all that steps and in the end when i use session -i i have no active sessions.information: im tryin to hack a win xp 32bit SP3 which runs on VM i can reach it in anyways i can ping it and i did a port scan on it and port 135 is open.there is no AV or firewall on the machine

With IntelliPoint 4, users were able to specify mouse wheel behavior to scroll one screen at a time. This feature was useful in situations where the user had to work with windows of varying size and a fixed scroll rate alternated from being too fast or too slow depending on each window. This feature was incorporated into the Windows XP operating system[3] and removed in IntelliPoint 5.[citation needed] The "Alt+Tab" button combination was also replaced with "Next Window," effectively preventing users from alternating between specific programs, and instead having to cycle through one by one (although this can be hacked back in the registry[4]).

So I have come to the end of my post. I assume most of you readers will not actually try to install XP in this day and age, at the most you will only do so in virtual machines. Nevertheless, I have learned lots especially the universal AHCI and video drivers part which will continue to be applicable in future.

We get around it by using the same universal HP driver on our print server for all black & white printing. Since they already have the print driver installed they get no admin prompt when they add other printers.


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