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On a TV programme (Watchdog) in the UK this Tuesday was a feature about how Epson UK (and for that matter, EU countries too) were not able to access the utility provided by Epson USA to reset the Waste Ink Counter. The person reporting problems with his Epson printer explained when his printer stopped working - and after discussion with Epson's UK Support - he was told it would cost quite a considerable sum (around 100+) to service his printer - but Epson would offer 20% discount on a new printer. They did not explain that the notice "Your printer has come to the end of its serviceable life" actually only meant the waste ink pads required replacement.

Wic Reset Utility Crack Keygen Patch BETTER


As many regulars to this forum will know, there are plenty of videos on (some good, many bad) that show how to fit a waste ink tank on virtually all models of Epson printers. However, just doing that does not remove the wretched message (nor gets the printer working again) until the counter is reset. So, as the USA Epson utility cannot be used by anyone in the UK or EU, how on Earth do people sort out this "problem" themselves? The USA utility -. downloadable from website - cannot be downloaded (nor if sent attached to an e-mail by a USA friend installed) because even where the model of printer is identical, the USA Serial Numbers are different - so as the serial has to be entered during installation - the installation is aborted if the serial number is not one for a USA model. Known in the trade as "How to alienate your customers if they don't live in the good ole US of A". Epson apparentloy did reply to the Watchdog enquiry and (usual cop out) stated they could not comment on what other divisions of Epson did or didn't do.

However, there are (thank goodness for the good hackers!) some alternatives. Try a google search for "reset epson waste ink counter XXXXX" where the XXXXX is the model of your printer - like say 1400 as one example. You will then, for almost every model, be able to get a suitable independent utility BUT of course, you do need to install a waste ink bottle OR (not as satisfactory in the long run and dearer anyway) replace the waste ink pads.

3. The WICReset utility, which is effectively a Pay-per-reset tool, is being developed almost as a commercial version of the SSC. Cost is around $10 for a single "key" (bulk discounts available) which you use to activate a reset but it is actively being developed with newer printer models being added to its compatibility database on a regular basis. Yes you have to pay for something that previously didn't cost, but at least there's a tool! Compared to the 40 - 150 option it's a bargain so the "free for all" opinion is frankly ill-targetted IMHO.


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