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Andrew James

No CD Crack for Homeworld Cataclysm: Where to Find, Download, and Apply it Safely and Easily

the mothership is surrounded by a sort of protective force field, and can't be disabled. this means that while the first two docked craft you encounter are relatively easy to leave, the third will be more of a fight. after that things become more of a challenge. the mothership itself can also be destroyed, which will bring the game down to one of homeworld's most familiar scenarios. the ship will have to be blown up before it can be accessed, and that's a tricky thing to do. once the mothership has been dealt with, the next task is to kill the beast, which has attached itself to one of the craft.

Homeworld Cataclysm No CD Crack

there are various ways to achieve this, and you'll encounter all three of them. the first and most obvious is to destroy the ship and wait until the beast is destroyed. your cataclysm analogues, the xel'naga, are built for this sort of thing, but you don't have them. instead you'll get a whole series of small, expendable, shuttle-sized crafts. these are the backup strategy, and they're useful when you're dealing with a large number of enemy. however, they're not much use if you're stuck on a particular enemy, or if one of the enemy ships has manoeuvred to the point where it's impossible to destroy it with a shuttle.

this process of collecting the mothership is also where the game gets interesting. once you've got the last location of the beast, you've got a chance to get a jump on the next stage of the cataclysm. the beast has set up a camp in the mothership's last location. this camp contains an artifact, which you'll need to blast open. the artifact has been brought here, presumably by the beast, because it's the only way to get inside.


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