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Frontier Magic Book 2: Across the Great Barrier - How to Get the Ebook for Free and Enjoy the Adventure

Across the Great Barrier: A Review of the Second Book in the Frontier Magic Series

If you are a fan of fantasy novels set in an alternate history of America, you might have heard of Frontier Magic, a trilogy by Patricia C. Wrede. The series follows the adventures of Eff Rothmer, a thirteenth child born with a powerful but unpredictable magic, as she grows up in a world where magic and science coexist, and where dangerous creatures lurk beyond the Great Barrier Spell that protects the settlers from the wild west.

Across the Great Barrier (Frontier Magic Book 2)

In this article, we will review the second book in the series, Across the Great Barrier, and tell you how you can download it for free. We will also give you a brief overview of the series, summarize the plot and themes of the book, and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Whether you have read the first book or not, we hope this article will spark your interest in Across the Great Barrier and make you want to read it.

What is Frontier Magic?

A brief introduction to the series

Frontier Magic is a fantasy series that takes place in an alternate version of America in the early 19th century. In this world, magic is a natural phenomenon that can be studied and manipulated by humans. There are different types of magic, such as Avrupan, Hijero-Cathayan, Aphrikan, and Rationalist, each with its own rules and methods. There are also different types of people who can use magic, such as natural magicians, who are born with an innate talent; learned magicians, who study magic from books and teachers; and double-sevens or double-eights, who are extremely rare and powerful individuals born as the seventh son of a seventh son or the eighth daughter of an eighth daughter.

The series focuses on Eff Rothmer, who is born as a thirteenth child in an Avrupan family. According to superstition, thirteenth children are doomed to bring bad luck and evil magic to everyone around them. Eff grows up feeling insecure and unwanted, especially compared to her twin brother Lan, who is a double-seven. When Eff is five years old, her family moves from Helvan Shores to Mill City, a frontier town near the Mammoth River that separates the civilized east from the wild west. There, Eff's father works as a professor at a college of magic, while Eff attends a one-room schoolhouse with other frontier children.

As Eff grows older, she learns more about magic and herself, and discovers that she has a unique ability that no one else has. She also makes friends with other frontier folk, such as William Morris, a Rationalist magician; Wash Morris, William's half-brother and a steamboat captain; Professor Torgeson, a female naturalist magician; and Rennie, a girl who can talk to animals. Together, they explore the wonders and dangers of the west, where magic is wild and unpredictable, and where creatures such as mammoths, wooly rhinoceroses, sphinxes, and dragons roam freely.

The main characters and their magical abilities

Here are some of the main characters in the series and their magical abilities:

  • Eff Rothmer: The protagonist and narrator of the series. She is a thirteenth child who can sense and manipulate the magic of the land. She can also use Avrupan, Hijero-Cathayan, and Aphrikan magic, but prefers to use her own style that she calls frontier magic.

  • Lan Rothmer: Eff's twin brother and a double-seven. He is a natural Avrupan magician who can cast spells with ease and power. He is ambitious and confident, but also protective of Eff.

  • William Morris: Eff's best friend and a Rationalist magician. He is a genius inventor who can create machines and devices that use magic as a source of energy. He is curious and adventurous, but also cautious and practical.

  • Wash Morris: William's half-brother and a steamboat captain. He is a natural Hijero-Cathayan magician who can sense the flow of magic in the water. He is friendly and easygoing, but also brave and loyal.

  • Professor Torgeson: A female naturalist magician who works at the college of magic. She is an expert on the flora and fauna of the west, and often leads expeditions across the Great Barrier Spell. She is stern and strict, but also fair and kind.

  • Rennie: A girl who can talk to animals. She lives with her grandfather, a trapper, in a cabin near the Great Barrier Spell. She is shy and quiet, but also smart and observant.

What happens in Across the Great Barrier?

A summary of the plot

Across the Great Barrier takes place two years after the events of the first book, Thirteenth Child. Eff is now 16 years old and has graduated from school. She works as an assistant to Professor Torgeson, helping her with her research on the western wildlife. Eff also continues to practice her frontier magic, which allows her to sense and influence the magic of the land.

One day, Professor Torgeson invites Eff to join her on an expedition across the Great Barrier Spell, a massive wall of magic that separates the east from the west. The expedition's goal is to map the unexplored territory beyond the spell, and to study its magical phenomena and creatures. Eff agrees to go, despite her fears of what might happen to her as a thirteenth child in such a wild place.

The expedition consists of Professor Torgeson, Eff, Lan, William, Wash, Rennie, and several other professors, students, soldiers, and guides. They travel by steamboat along the Mammoth River, crossing the Great Barrier Spell at a gap known as Fort Wilson. There, they encounter a group of settlers who have illegally crossed the spell to start a new life in the west. The settlers are led by a man named Roger Boden, who claims to have a special connection with the land and its magic.

The expedition continues its journey westward, facing various challenges and dangers along the way. They encounter hostile natives who practice Aphrikan magic; they witness a massive earthquake that changes the landscape; they discover new species of plants and animals; they fight off attacks from magical beasts such as sphinxes and dragons; they deal with internal conflicts among themselves; and they uncover secrets about the history and nature of the west.

Throughout the book, Eff learns more about herself and her frontier magic. She realizes that she has a special role to play in the balance of the land's magic, and that she has to make some difficult choices about her future. She also develops her relationships with her friends and family, especially Lan, William, Wash, Professor Torgeson, and Rennie.

The main themes and conflicts

Some of the main themes and conflicts in Across the Great Barrier are: