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The Complete Journey Ativador download cheat

Deponia: The Complete Journey is a point-and-click adventure game that follows the hilarious misadventures of Rufus, a clumsy and eccentric anti-hero who lives on a trash planet and dreams of escaping to the utopian city of Elysium. The game features over 40 hours of gameplay, a rich and witty story, memorable characters, and a hand-drawn comic style graphics.


However, some players may find the game too challenging or frustrating, and may want to use some cheats or hacks to make their journey easier. One of the most popular cheats is the Ativador, which is a software that can activate various features and options in the game, such as unlocking all achievements, skipping dialogues, changing the difficulty level, and more. The Ativador can be downloaded from various websites, such as [this one].

However, using the Ativador may have some drawbacks and risks. First of all, it may ruin the fun and immersion of the game, as it removes the challenge and the sense of accomplishment. Secondly, it may cause some glitches or bugs in the game, as it modifies the original code and files. Thirdly, it may expose the user to malware or viruses, as some websites may contain harmful or malicious software. Therefore, it is advisable to use the Ativador at your own risk and discretion.

In conclusion, Deponia: The Complete Journey is a highly entertaining and engaging adventure game that offers a lot of humor and charm. However, some players may want to use the Ativador cheat to make their experience easier or faster. The Ativador can be downloaded from various sources, but it may also have some negative consequences and dangers. Therefore, it is up to the player to decide whether they want to use it or not.


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