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Germany Jersey 2012 Buy

Bayern's new threads are a return to a vibrant red last seen in 2017/18. The jersey features horizontal white pinstripes of varying thickness across the front, while the 'Mia San Mia' ('We are who we are') club slogan appears under the collar to the rear. Red shorts and socks complete the look. As well as the 'Serienmeister' ('serial champions') badge that will adorn the chest, a special logo celebrating those 10 straight titles will be incorporated into the new official Bundesliga sleeve badge for the 2022/23 campaign.

germany jersey 2012 buy

The flags that the fans wave in the stadium can also be seen in the new away jersey. They have been stylised into the check pattern of the 2022/23 shirts so the team carry the support with them even on the road in this black strip with yellow accents for Die Schwarzgelben.

Leipzig go into the 2022/23 season with a DFB Cup in their trophy collection and two new jerseys. They have so far released their red away shirt and a black third kit with - unsurprisingly for Die Roten Bullen - some red stripes to liven it up.

New season, new sponsor, new threads. Union have released all three of their kits for 2022/23, beginning with an eye-catching third strip of black with red and green flecks. Their away jersey is an understated sand number, while the home shirt features vertical red and white stripes. The club badge takes pride of place of both offerings, along with main sponsor wefox and arm sponsor Comedy Central. 041b061a72


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