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Andrew James
Andrew James

Io, Leonardo 'LINK'

Leonardo is an open source tool for creating adaptive color palettes; a custom color generator for creating colors based on target contrast ratio. Leonardo is delivered as a Javascript module (@adobe/leonardo-contrast-colors) with a web interface to aid in creating your color palette configurations, which can easily be shared with both designers and engineers. Simply put, Leonardo is for dynamic accessibility of your products.

Io, Leonardo

Hello Community,I have a similar Issue.I m trying to upload my code to an arduino leonardo using Vscode + Platformio I connect the mC its been detected in port COM 10. tring to upload it tries to force the port for the upload but then it rejected and the shown faillure appears on another port ( COM 11 here for the case). the weird thing is that, on some other Laptops, the upload is running normally and the mC is working. I tried in other ports on my laptop and other devices and other mCs to check if the usb is working well and its the case. I have the following error as output : 041b061a72


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