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Piccoli Fuochi Little Flames 1985 Subtitle

Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985 subtitle

Piccoli fuochi (English: Little Flames) is a 1985 Italian drama film directed by Peter Del Monte and starring Dino Jakosic, Valeria Golino, and Carlotta Wittig. The film tells the story of a young boy named Tomasso who develops a friendship with a mysterious woman named Mara, who has the power to start fires with her mind. The film explores themes of childhood, fantasy, and loneliness in a realistic and poetic way.

The film was well received by critics and audiences, and won several awards, including the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival, the David di Donatello for Best Actress for Valeria Golino, and the Nastro d'Argento for Best Cinematography for Giuseppe Lanci. The film was also nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.


However, finding a subtitle for this film can be challenging, as it is not widely available online or on DVD. There are some sources that offer subtitles in different languages, such as English, Spanish, French, and German, but they may not be accurate or complete. Here are some of the possible options for finding a subtitle for Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985:

  • One option is to use a website that provides subtitles for various movies and TV shows, such as [OpenSubtitles], [Subscene], or [Podnapisi]. These websites allow users to search for subtitles by title, year, language, genre, or quality. Users can also upload their own subtitles or request subtitles from other users. However, these websites may not have subtitles for Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985, or they may have subtitles that are poorly translated or synchronized.

  • Another option is to use a software that can automatically generate subtitles from the audio of the film, such as [Subtitle Edit], [Subtitle Workshop], or [Aegisub]. These software can analyze the audio of the film and create subtitles based on speech recognition, timing, and formatting. Users can also edit and adjust the subtitles according to their preferences. However, these software may not be able to recognize the dialogue of Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985 accurately, especially if it is in Italian or has a lot of background noise.

  • A third option is to use a service that can provide professional subtitles for Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985, such as [Rev], [Gengo], or [One Hour Translation]. These services can hire qualified translators and subtitlers who can create high-quality subtitles for Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985 in any language and format. Users can also specify their requirements and expectations for the subtitles, such as style, tone, speed, and accuracy. However, these services may charge a fee for their work, depending on the length and complexity of the film.

In conclusion, Piccoli fuochi Little Flames 1985 is a beautiful and captivating film that deserves to be watched with subtitles. However, finding a subtitle for this film can be difficult, as it is not widely distributed or accessible online. Therefore, users may have to resort to using websites that offer subtitles, software that generate subtitles, or services that provide subtitles. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so users should choose the one that suits their needs and preferences best.


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