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Apparently the tooling would at times clip the bottom of the cylinder and, of course, would create a stress riser in the bottom of the bore. Occasionally, that would begin a vertical crack in the cylinder wall, most commonly in blocks that had a slight casting shift during their casting process. These were blocks that ended up with a thinner wall thickness, coincidently, right in that area where the tooling clipped the cylinder.

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However, the aftermarket is a whole other world. Engine rebuilders have been very innovative in an attempt to find a work-around solution to the main webbing cracking and bearing failures of the earlier casting.One idea has been to eliminate the main bearing bolts and go to studs as a solution. They have added thread repair inserts to the outer main bearing bolt holes that were prone to cracking with the 12mm bolts. They have drilled small holes at the end of the cracks so that they will not travel. They have gone to the use of splayed main caps. There are even aftermarket main girdles available.

Waisman has been engaged in diverse applications with a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, e.g. high strain rates impact problems, delamination of composite materials, topology optimization, and crack detection in structures, damage of suspension bridges and concrete structures, hydraulic fracture of rocks and ice sheets in polar-regions.


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